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Mold Inspection & Testing

Professional Mold Testing Services in Weston, FL

You might think a dirty house or office needs tests for mold. But what if we told you that even clean and tidy spaces can have mold as well?

As a matter of fact, mold can be present anywhere, in any type of building, office, or home. It happens often when even the residents are unaware that they have a mold problem, which places them at a serious health risk. This is why professional mold testing is so important.

It's time to call a mold inspector. But now you are probably wondering, "Where can I find the best professional mold testing near me?" If you are around Weston, FL, you can rely on UCM Carpet Cleaning Weston to provide a dependable, fast, and affordable service. We are the most trusted name in mold testing for offices and households.

Find out more about how our mold inspectors test for mold using the most sensitive and advanced mold testing equipment. There is also an FAQ addressing common queries related to our mold testing service.

How Do We Test for Mold?

Step 1: Collecting Samples

A mold inspector will first conduct a thorough mold investigation around the house for any visible signs of mold. Suppose no apparent mold is found during the inspection. In that case, the mold experts will run a series of tests utilizing specialized equipment such as pumps and cassettes to locate hidden mold.

Air Mold Sampling

This is the most frequent method of determining mold in an area. The number of mold spores found inside the building is compared to the air outside to prove the presence of hidden mold.

Surface Mold Sampling

  • Bulk Sample: Removing contaminated materials from the residence to identify and determine mold concentration in the sample.
  • Swap Sample: Rubbing something similar to a cotton swab across the area being sampled.
  • Tape Sample: A piece of transparent tape is pushed against the area being tested and removed. It presumably collects up and eliminates a portion of any mold present on the surface.

Step 2: Sending Samples to an Independent Lab

All the samples are taken to the lab, where analysts undertake an examination to count the quantity of mold and to determine the mold species. Mold specialists are well-versed in dealing with mold, allowing them to provide precise results on the level of mold toxicity in your house.

Step 3: Providing Mold Remediation Protocol

After the tests in the lab are finished, our mold specialists will determine whether you need mold remediation based on the level of infestation in your home. The mold remediation process involves a set protocol for safe and secure removal and prevention of mold accumulation. Proper protocol for mold remediation helps reduce dangers, including illness, and potential mold recurrence.

Call the Best Mold Inspectors in Weston Area

For us, no project is too big or small to handle. We work locally with O2 Mold Testing of Miami for reliable and affordable mold testing of all properties. You can find the best mold inspectors within our local business capable of identifying mold growth areas with accuracy and specificity. Our mold specialists have the right skills and equipment to detect mold that isn't visible, which aids in knowing when you need effective mold remediation.

Whenever you need mold testing in Weston, call us at 954-800-9808. Our customer service representatives will gladly answer any of your inquiries and provide you with free cost estimates for mold testing. Let's get this started!


FAQs about Mold Testing in Weston, FL

Is Professional Mold Testing Service Necessary?

Yes, mold testing can become necessary in many scenarios, which include:

  • After a sewage backup, leak, or flood
  • Before buying or selling a home or property, especially if mold is found during the home inspection
  • If a person or pet is exhibiting allergy symptoms
  • If you have a moist basement, attic, or other places

Do We Inspect Properties for Black Mold Infestation?

Yes. We check for all types of mold, including black mold. If you need black mold testing near you in Weston, FL, feel free to call us.

What do Our Mold Experts Offer Except Mold Testing?

Our mold services also include:

  • Visual Mold Inspection (On-site):

    We check for mold throughout the property, including hidden places and the exteriors.

  • Checkup on Mold Sources:

    Since mold is the result of excessive moisture, we look for moist areas to find the mold.

  • Mold Removal and Remediation:

    Mold removal and mold remediation are not the same. Mold removal involves cleaning the existing mold problem. Mold remediation returns mold levels to a normal level.

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