Carpet Cleaning in Weston, FL

UCM Services Weston guarantees to supply professional service at affordable rates for all your carpet cleaning needs. We offer cleaning services for your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and emergency services for water or fire damages. We value our customers, and we understand service. UCM Services Weston is a team of pros cleaning carpets in Florida for over 10 years now. We attempt to make your homes clean, fresh and free of allergens and all that at a minimal inconvenience to you.

We proudly serve Weston residents with all carpet cleaning needs including expert stain removal, repair of high traffic areas, deodorizing and grooming. We know the Florida climate can cause damages to carpets, rugs and upholstered furniture. We are experts in mold removal and other harmful bacteria.

Why Choose Our Services

The services of UCM Services Weston have also proven beyond any reasonable doubt in the past to be very effective, through experts removal of stains, grooming and deodorizing etc. The carpet and general cleaning services we offer also takes into consideration the climate of the area since it is believed to cause damage to upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs. If you are interested in the removal of harmful bacteria and molds then consider UCM Services Weston to be the best choice for the job as well as contacting the main office via phone or e-mail for free estimates about cleaning.

Customer Relationship

By providing the best service possible we have established a healthy relationship with our clients which we regard as family. We will call you to remind you about our cleaning session, and also call you after the cleaning to make sure you were absolutely satisfied.

Our office will open a card member for you and remind you on any discounts or specials we might have. For any questions please call us at 954-800-9808.

Satisfaction GuaranteedProfessional Cleaning Team


Cleaning Services We Provide:

Tile and grout cleaning

It will ensure that your stained tiles are thoroughly scrubbed and that the broken ones are either repaired or replaced. In the end your home will have a completely new look that is free of all kinds of discoloration that may have been present before your tiles regained their original luster.

Air duct cleaning

This service involves the use of state-of-the-art technology to sniff out all kinds of harmful debris, unwelcome residues and mold buildups within the air duct. This service serves as a guarantee for quality air flow within the house.

Wood floor refinishing

It works best on floors that have become discolored. The cleaning experts will help make the floor look brand new once again.

Order your carpet cleaning today, our office is waiting for your phone call.

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